A Full blown Web driven Asterisk Solution

So you want easy - here it is!

Voipmagic's MagicPBX is unique as far as combining a

Full Blown PBX with a Telephone Manangement System (TMS)

AND a Voice Logging Platform to make deploying an Asterisk PBX

Solution childs play! This translates to a quick and easy

installation and includes all the Features PLUS Web Access for the

installer and administrator.


Product Details.

Two License keys are available.

System's Key:

-This activates the PBX, you'll need this to make the system function.

You can setup the system but it won't make outbound calls...

Logging Key:

-This adds TMS and Voice Logging functionality, where you'll have all the costing and be able to listen to recorded calls.

TMS and Voice Logging functionality

  • User
  • Date and Time of call
  • Day of call (Weekend calls can be spotted easily)
  • Number Dialled
  • Destination name (eg. Country, City or Suburb)
  • Tariff
  • Duration of Call (Set Maximum time can be highlighted)
  • COST of Call (Set Maximum cost can be highlighted)
  • TOTAL Cost of Calls
  • and Recorded File Access

  • PLUS

  • Number Search
  • Top Calls by Cost/Duration/Frequency
  • Cost Summary
  • Reports exported to PDF

  • Both Options would however have the following:

    A MANAGER Login which can access all the users information and recordings AND an INDIVIDUAL Login where the logged-in user would only be able to access and view his or her own recordings.

    How much will it cost?

    Again you have two options:

  • 1. Complete Solution with Server, or
  • 2. Software Only

  • Both require the system key

    Phone us now for a quotation on 083 633 4705

    or Mail us sales at