Open a Security Gate with your Cellphone

Low cost but very lucrative project.

Scenario: A Townhouse complex would like to open the security gate using the tenants cellphones.

Solution: Asterisk is set to look at the Caller ID and only opens the gate when the call comes from a known user.The call does not cost the caller anything, because Asterisk does not answer the call. The additional advantage is that the call log is available to see who opened the gate and at what time. It could further be used to track who is inside the complex. It also becomes easy to add a new member - let's say someone comes to visit. A new number can be added for a limited period of time.

Query your Database Remotely by telephone

Find out how much stock is available to sell without having to phone the office.

Scenario: You are trying to get hold of someone at the office to find out how much stock is available of a product which your customer wants, but you have been listening to music on hold for the last 5 minutes and your customer is getting impatient.

Solution: What if you could rather just dial into the office database and not only query the stock availability, but book a number of units for the customer, all telephonically. You can do this with Asterisk!

Switch Lights On or Off with your Cellphone

No more scary darkness to return home to.

Scenario: You are driving home late at night and would like to have the security lights to be on when you arrive home.

Solution: Have Asterisk respond on your caller ID - Asterisk answers your call and asks you what you would like to do. You enter a number and Asterisk switches on your security lights. All the necessary hardware for this can be supplied by Voipmagic. PIN codes can be added for security. You never have to arrive at a dark home again - except off course if there is loadshedding, but believe it or not we will teach you to build a system to switch some lights on even when there is load shedding by a mere clap of the hands! Our new Electronics course will light the way!